Canoeing Day Trip near Atlanta

Hello! I am looking to plan a trip for my boy scout troop for our annual family camp. I would like to make a plan for a day where we can launch in the morning, spend the 4-6 hours paddling and then end up in at camp where the scouts’ family members can meet up and spend the day hanging out as they wait for the scouts to return. Ideally this camp would be within about 50-60 miles from Atlanta.

I have been googling around, but just haven’t found the right criteria. I am hoping this community may be better equipped to help me find the best spot.

If anybody thinks they know a trip that would meet this criteria, please let me know.


Many years ago on our honnymoon my wife & I rented a canoe on the Chestatee near Dahlonega. I’m reasonably sure that the livery was Appalachian Outfitters who are still in business. As I recall, the canoe was an Old town Discovery & the river pretty easy for us. It does have some shallow ledgy riffles but nothing in that section that gave us any issues.

For what it’s worth, this is a Michigan paddler talking about 30+ years ago.

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Lake Hartwell is close and there is the Hooch.

You might want to check out Lawhorn Scouting Base(Camp Thunder) in Upson County if you are still looking. It’s on the Flint River. Lawhorn Scouting Base <br> Camp Thunder--More information