Canoeing deaths

Where can I find the number of canoeing and kayaking deaths each year…with a possible paragraph or two about how it happened?

American White Water (now info not updated for last couple of years):

ACA - Critical Judgement - analysis of 2002 fatalities:



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The ACA did a review of canoe/kayak fatalities in the U.S. from 1996-2000 titled "Critical Judgement". Try searching the web for it.

A few quick stats.:

-75% of all fatalities involved canoes
-50% """""""""""""""""""""""""" fishing
-MOST involved alcohol use
-MOST involved failure to use a PFD

So, if you really want to live life on the edge; get drunk and go fishing in a canoe with no PFD.

Canoeist outnumbered kayakers 3 to 1
at the time of that report so I think statistically there is no difference. I havent looked at the report in a long time but I think I remember something like that.