Canoeing Essentials

I’ve been looking for a canoeing essentials article for a while and I can’t seem to find anything.

I’ve come across a lot of essentials articles for backpacking, but nothing really specific to canoeing.

Are there any? I’m looking for an article that would go over the top 10-20 items you would put in the must have/essential category with a brief explanation.




everyone is a little different

PFD, spare paddle, painters(I have one front and rear), throw bag, knife(on the PFD), medical kit, water to drink, lining line, rain suit, whistle.

Canoe Outfitting
This website might be useful for you. The second page lists some of the important items you will need.

don’t forget
a bailer.Also essential to tie everything down unless I guess if you’re doing flatwater while sober.

Ya gotta have a canoe.

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If you want to go canoeing a canoe is essential.
Everything else is optional.
I go poling without a paddle and paddling without a pole and while I don't recomend it, I've even gone without a PFD.
If you aren't in, on, or around a canoe you ain't canoeing.
Don't matter how many sp!#**ns you got!

Tommy Textile

Tom…you forgot the water
need a little water too. "8-p

and maybe a beah or two.

And snake bite medicine…
…and a snake just in case you don’t run into one.

band-aids, peroxide
and aspirin. Rear view mirrors sometimes neccesary too, unless you’re paddling flatwater while sober.

:^ (

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I am alarmed by the number of people who will recklessly launch their canoe with out a dog. When will people learn?

a fancy hat, fancy footwear
and a camera

dark, I mean really
dark sunglasses, for when you’re coming on a new to you set of rapids at dusk :-0

you’ll get better responses if you
… describe the kind of paddling you are equipping yourself for. If you provide more information about your circumstances, you’ll usually get a better information from the board.

Boat, PFD, and paddle. Everything else is optional, although some items are good to have.

I find an attractive woman a nice

Nope, water is optional but pants aren’t
the infamous “sand brace”

Now the beah is a nice option. I’ll give you that.

I’ll add, in light of the original posters handle, that for me anyway, pants are esential.

So that’s my list of canoing essentials

  1. a canoe
  2. pants

    Everything else, water, paddles, pfds, beah, foxy bowpaddlers and all the other stuff are optional.

    Tommy Textile

'twould be nice
However, my wife chooses my paddling companions for me. She emphasizes character:

not quite, if you ask the coast guard
Aside from your PFD and paddle, other essentials include a bailing device, a whistle or other sounding device, a certain amount of floating rope, and, if travelling after dusk, lights. There may be more.

Other than that, it depends who you are and what you’re doing.


You might get a better response if you try and describe if you are looking for info. on lake or river canoeing.


a little more info on
your requirements. flat water, rapids,day trips in local resevouirs or expeditions?

I frequently go out with a paddle, canoe and pfd. No water no nothing except my work clothes and boots(I am printer and dress accordingly) But here in North Carolina I am fond of sunscreen…