Canoeing in Arizona

I just got a canoe and was wondering if anyone could tell me some good places to canoe in Arizona. We (myself, wife and daughter) are thinking of canoeing over a weekend and camping out. I was thinking of the Colorado river below Parker. Any info would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance, Brian

Parker Canyon lake
Not sure where you’re located but I enjoyed parker Canyon Lake almost on the Mexican borders between Tuscon and Ft Huachuca

South Cove
Or Temple Bar on Lake Mead. Willow Beach is good but the water full the dam is cold. If you’ve got a 4x4 there’s a couple of spots on Lake Mohave that are good. I’d avoid the river unless you have experience with current.

Colorado River
Lots of good online resources, and plenty of places to camp! My favorite is Black Canyon below Hoover Dam - absolutely gorgeous.

I’ve also done the area from Walter’s Camp to Fisher’s Landing. You can base camp and explore there pretty easily by starting at Picacho State Recreation Area in CA. You can paddle up to one of the boat-in sites to camp, or you can river camp it like we did (the shuttle is a bit long, however).

Here are some trail maps:

Davis Dam to Parker:

Blythe to Imperial Dam: