Canoeing in West Virginia......Help

Does anyone know of any good canoe portages in West Virginia? Looking to canoe for about 3-4 days. What are some good rivers, lakes etc.? Don’t want to have to portage too far in between lakes, rivers.



Bad topography
WV has NO natural lakes. We do have DNR and COE impoundments, but portage distances are measured in scores of miles.

The Greenbrier River is a great place for a multiday trip, but catching it when it is up (no dams) is hit-or-miss. New River in VA/WV is a possibility as well.


The South Branch of the Potomac offers some two- or three-day trips, some requiring solid whitewater skills (Class 2 to 3).

Further down, the Paw Paw Bends section of the Potomac is a beautiful float trip, requires only the ability to point the canoe downriver.

Large sections of the Potomac are flatwater, with convenient camping on the C&O Canal towpath on the Maryland side (the Potomac is the border between Maryland and VA/WV). But those sections can get boring, in my experience.

There is lots of serious whitewater in WV, but I don’t have any expertise there, and you didn’t say you were looking for that.

– Mark