Canoeing Indian River (UP of MI)

Anyone ever canoe this river? and if so can you suggest a good over night or two night paddle on it?

I’ve found a list of access points and campgrounds on the river off of the hiawatha national forest site but it does not include distance between locations.

any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Canoeing Michigan’s Rivers
Check the “Canoeing Michigan’s Rivers” book by Jerry Dennis & Craig Date. It’s the best resource for LP & UP rivers that I know of. It gives access points, mileage, camping, and a description of water characteristics & hazards. You should be able to plan a trip with the information.

I’ve not paddled the Indian R., but have paddled the nearby Manistique through the Seney Wildlife Refuge. I would expect the Indian to be similar, i.e. gentle water and fairly remote.

Indian River
Yeah, I’ve done the entire river from well above Bar Lake to Indian Lake. It’s only 40 miles so you can paddle the entire river in two days. I’d read Jerry’s report in CMR as it’s pretty accurat, but I’d do the upper portion. Launch at Widewaters. It’s a nice paddle down to the Steuben crossing, but that’s only a short day at maybe 15 miles (I can’t recall what CMR says for that distance.) The river is cleared, twisty and fun. Below Steuben the river does not get cleared as much, but we ran it in loaded solos over the 4th and had no real problems. Below 449 the river braids, and the river floor widens and flattens out. It’s worth paddling, but different from the upper stretch with the higher banks, and trees.