Canoeing instructionVT/NH (uppervalley)?


I am used to sea kayak and love it

however, I just discovered the joy of canoeing and want to be good at it.

Where can I get some proper instruction??!

is there some guy in the VT/NH area that can do that?

I live near the NH line.

Maine Canoe Symposium in June of each year( yes you have to wait for 2013 offers instruction)

I am in the American Canoe Association database. But alas I am off to canoe the Yukon River the rest of the year. If you want instruction now here is a list.

Clubs and stuff
Canoeing is a pretty broad subject.

Are you thinking solo, tandem, both?

Are you thinking whitewater, touring, camping, marathon racing?

You certainly do not have to limit yourself to any of those. But techniques, boats and other equipment will vary so it would not hurt to get an idea of where you want to start.

Vermont Paddlers is mostly whitewater kayak oriented but they do have some canoeists. It couldn’t hurt to talk to them.

The New Hampshire Chapter of the AMC does a whitewater school in the early spring and some touring training later.

You might find events near you with the Berkshire, Worcester and Boston Chapters as well.

The full AMC events listing is here. Use the drop downs on top to narrow your search.

The New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association is the place to look for racing info. I am not aware of any instruction there but that’s the place to ask.

If all else fails you can get some pretty good video instruction.

Bill Mason’s “Path of the Paddle” films are oldies but goodies covering touring and some whitewater.

Kent Ford’s “Solo Playboating” and “Drill Time” are good solo whitewater instruction.

Mike and Tanna Fries “Long Distance Canoe Racing” is worth seeing if that’s your goal.

Superb! Thanks a lot. It’s a good start

I think more about Solo touring/camping but want to be able to handle my canoe properly and get on easy rivers without diving in it.

But I’m open to anything new. life is an adventure!

Also, it’s faster to learn with someone rather than figuring things by myself (which I do a lot too).

Zoar Outdoor
In Northern Mass, offers classes in canoeing.

you could check with
Kaz (John Kazmierczyk) over at Millbrook boats. I know he was offering lessons for reasonable awhile back. More ww oriented, but he has made my sons jaw drop (my back was turned) with some of his moves on the water. Slalom guy/boatbuider; and slalom skill is a key to mastery.

while waiting for a class…pick up

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the Bill Mason's Path of the Paddle Solo and Tandem canoeing instruction DVD(s)...the #1 in media for canoe instruction imho...especially on a rainy day.

Kind of last minute…
But come to the Adirondacks for the Canoe symposium. Great instructors, great location, great people, great boats to check out. Here is the website:

Zoar do good classes. Their focus is on whitewater/playboating, so the classes reflect that.

If you can get to Caleb Davis
In Long Lake NY, it will be well worth taking a course from him. Second best is to pick up his DVD on Traditional Flatwater Canoeing from:

That is exactly what I’d need!

the next one is july 8th-13th. too bad it’s short notice, I would have gone.

I really appreciate the tip!

Caleb teaches classic Canadian Style
I’ll be teaching at Adirondack Canoe Symposium along with number of other touring instructors. It IS possible to drop in for a morning session and not stay the whole event.

Jackie Peppe and I do a fair amount of solo canoe teaching in the Maine NH Lakes area. We don’t get to VT… you know how hard east to west travel is in Northern New England.

Lessons are more fun in a group.

Maine Canoe Symposium in June has a great number of instructional classes for canoeists(solo and tandem) at any level.

Adirondack Folk School
Obedience Lessons for Your Canoe July 14/15 Lake Luzerne NY, just S. of Lake George.

Small class size assures lots of individual attention, regardless of skill level.