Canoeing/Kayaking and sharks

I know that a lot of people drag their caught fish behind them in “fishbags”. Has anyone ever had the bag bitten or snagged by a shark (in an attempt to get to the fish in the bag)? What did you do?

Is there any other way to carry your caught fish when paddling?


Haven’t tried it yet, but am considering
wrapping a small ice chest with pool noodles, filling it with water, and trying it out. Might not work in saltwater, though, if there is a lot of wave action. Have also thought about taking an appropriate sized garbage can and putting it inside an inner tube, maybe drilling half inch or larger holes in it along the sides.

If you are canoeing
I would just toss them into an ice chest. I went out yesterday in my canoe to Chuchhill bayou and Cold Pass, near West Galveston bay. This area can typically hold a few sharks. I had an ice chest for any keeper fish, actually ended up with several nice reds and a trout. Almost got a keeper flounder in as well but lost it at the boat, almost had a slam, trout, redfish and flounder.

I did see a chap that had some sort of fish bag on the decjk of his kayak, it was filled with ice and also appeared to be lined with insulation, it looked pretty good.

im from TN and had stripers come up and try to eat the trout on my stringer on the watauga river.

fish liner
I use a five gallon bucket behind my set and just have to drop them over my head .Please do not use any thing in the water …the sharks and outher fish hear them and you have more help to take them home … There home … fish and take care

If your’re considering towing a cooler. Blow up an innertube around the cooler. A couple bungees for extra security, and fill the cooler with ice instead of water.

With regards to keeping fish

What kind of kayak or canoe do you have?

Chrystal Murray

canoe type
I have a Mad River Adventure 16 that I and my wife love. Have it outfitted for fishing and its very stable.

Regarding bag
When fishing in the 16’ foot canoe, we either carry a cooler in the center, or the insulated fish bag that I carry in my kayak.

The bag is easier and takes up much less space. We do not tow it behind the canoe as it would create drag somewhat like a drift chute.

The bag is called a kayakkoffin and can be ordered at We have had our bag for three years and use it now on the boat as well. Each bag is handmade and high quality.

Hope this helps and tight lines,

Chrystal Murray

: )
Thank you Chrystal!

Here’s a link for another type of bag
for fish. I haven’t tried it, my kayak is too small, but I’ve seen it on a few kayaks and hear the bag is great for keeping fish cool in the Texas Gulf Coast sun.