Canoeing on Current or 11 points

I have been on the 11 points before and loved it. I am taking my children this monday and am considering current river because it is closer to Paducah KY from which we will be coming. Any opinions as to comparing these two rivers? Any clear better river as to the overall experience of canoeing?

Can’t lose with either…
Here are some pics from the Current-

They are both beautiful streams!

Less College Crowd on the 11 Point…

Not Much Difference in Miles From There
If you hit Hwy 60 at Sikeston the only closer part of the Current is arround Van Buren, and that’s the area of the Current with lots of jet boat traffic. You’ll have to go above Roundspring on Hyw 19 to escape jet boat traffic. When you get to Winona on Hwy 60, you can go north to the Current or south to the Eleven Point and it’s about the same distance.

As for the rivers, crowds on the Current are usually not bad from Sunday night through Thursday. The Eleven Point will have less people, PERIOD. The Current has more gravel bars for breaks. The Current has more Bluff’s to look at. The Eleven Point has a couple spots to be careful like Mary Decker and Hall’s Bay Chute. Usually not difficult, but can present a challenge. On the Current, you’d have to work at getting in trouble.

As already mentioned, hard to go wrong on either. Will be on one of the two myself Monday, but my paddling partner and I haven’t made up OUR mind yet either! WW

Current vs. 11 Point…hmmm

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I can't make up my mind which one I like best.

Since you won't be going during the weekend when there might be a crowd on the Current, maybe you should check a new place out. I don't think there any ugly places on the Current, but from Welch Spring, above Akers, down to Round Spring is just great.