Canoeing on Lake Michigan (southern)

Anyone take a canoe out on Lake Michigan (in warmer weather)? Lower Lake Michigan. I was thinking of launching in the Indiana Dunes and staying somewhat close to shore, if the waters were calm. This would be a great workout on an early weekend morning.

yeah why not? I’ve done it. It can be a bit tippy in waves but as long as you don’t mind swimming I don’t see a problem.

Good point. As long I am not far off from shore and the water is not too cold, I can get the canoe back on the shore and flip it over.

I have
At the indiana dunes they have require that you carry the boat to the water meaning you leave only footprints in the sand. 2 good places are whihala beach in Whiting and Marquette park in the miller section of Gary. Yes gary is scary but there are police officers on atvs in the summer season. I have had my bell robroy out on lake michigan,after doing a practice dump and rentry I stuffed it full of flotation. You profile isn’t listed where are you from?

NW Indiana

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I am not too far from Gary. I was hoping of launching at the Dunes park since it is safe. Thanks.

Do you have a pic of the flotation that used in the boat?

Another possible put-in
Public beach in New Buffalo. There is a fee to park, but you can put in behind the breakwall right next to the parking lot.

The downside - except for a few scattered township beaches, most of the lakefront is privately-owned around New Buffalo. That having been said, almost all the houses, as least north of town, are on high dunes above the lake. The times I have been there, no one seemed to mind if you stay down near the waterline.

We took our OT Tripper out opposite
Lakeside, back in '85. Surfed it some in mild conditions. Everyone paddled it, no one swamped. I also paddled the Galien River from Warren Woods, but recently it has been too full of trees.