Canoeing options around Brevard, NC?


I’m sticking my head in here after a long absence from posting to ask if anyone here knows of some good day or half-day river trips around Brevard, NC? By “good” I mean up to light class II, reasonably easy put-in and take-out with a decent place to park (out of the road and lacking thieves and vandals), and easy to find for a person that is not familiar to the area. (Let me say right here that I do not intend to offend any NCers with the parking remarks, but in any locale some places are more prone to use by partiers or lurkers. I know that almost all NCers are as honest as the rest of the Southern population, but there are always a few places that are best avoided.)

I will have two sets of adults in canoes, and a 15 y.o. son and 18 y.o. daughter in rec. kayaks.

Thanks in advance for your help! Safe paddling,


local rivers
The Tuckaseigee, Section I of the French Broad (from US 64 to Transylvania CO Rd 1110) and the Little Tennessee (if it has enough water) are all Class I to II runs very close by.

Unfortunately, vandalism of parked shuttle vehicles can occur anywhere in any state. Recently a car was broken into parked by the side of the very busy Nantahala River with tons of people driving and paddling past. If this is a possibility you can’t accept, you may have to hire or enlist someone to help you with a shuttle.

NEVER had problems at the Tuck
also look at the lower Green.

Save gas and time, stay close to home go to Kibler Valley{Dan River} OR New River-put in @ Cox Chapel

Sometimes there is enough water to
paddle the French Broad from Rosman on down. Right by Brevard. Easier than the Tuck but water isn’t always enough. On rare occasions thunderstorms may get the Davidson River running in summer.

ditch the WW boats and head over the ridge to lake jocassee.

The smaller Bear Lake is closer.
It is part of the Tuckaseigee river system. Some development on lower, western end of lake, but a high waterfall visible a few miles up. Pretty side creeks to explore.

Thanks, folks, I sure do appreciate your input!

The French Broad from Rosman to Brevard
is a beautiful paddle. Lots of birds. The river unfortunately is bordered by cow pastures most of the way. By now , it should be really nasty and smelly .