Canoeing pants

I have been using lightweight zip-off pants from REI for the past 3 years of canoeing but every year it seems like i have to get a new pair because they rip so easily. This year i am going on a 3 and a half week canoe trip to the Hudson bay with my camp and i need a durable pair of pants. A lot of people at my camp use Carhartts. Are those too heavy or are they good? Any suggestion is much appreciated

BDU pants. They dry fairly quick and are very tough.

Paddle On!!

Rail Riders Weather Pant
I’ve got a couple pair. They wear like iron and dry wicked fast. Plus they look good too.

great pants for constuction work
carhartt double fronts.

The Harry Macfie

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Canoe club has some wicked good canoeing pants.

Unfortunately they and the pants are from Sweden.Has anyone ever met them to ask about their pants? I forgot.

Here is their website..perhaps they mentined canoe wear though I have no idea as I cant read it

I cant find decent double bummed and double knee pants in the US or Canada anymore.

Dickies are about as good as anything.

I’m surprised the REIs rip so easily.
I have a pair where the waist snap failed (ahem!), but the fabric has not ripped. I’ve mostly switched to ex officio’s water pants, but I wouldn’t recommend them for a Canadian trip with lots of portaging.

No Cotton
Whatever pants you get make sure they are not cotton. If cotton gets wet it can stay wet all day. Ex Officio, Columbia, Marmot and many others make quick drying, nylon hiking pants.

Dickies work pants
I use Dickies work pants for canoe tripping - have been using them for many years. They are poly/cotton blend and dry fast (I once tested a pair of jeans, a pair of light wool pants and a pair of dickies for drying time - the dickies dried slightly faster than the wool pants)and campfire sparks don’t burn holes in them like can happen with nylon pants.

they have a nice loose fit, and when new, are fairly mosquito proof, and are tough and quite durable - I use the pants for rock climbing also. I just get the straight leg 4 pocket pant, but you can get styles with cargo pockets if that’s what you want.

and they cost about $20, available at most K-mart or Wal-Mart stores, or online.

cotton is OK in blends

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We use Dickies in the boreal forest and in the barrenlands.

Cotton is helpful to avoid overheating; evaporative cooling is a good thing. It gets hot up there.

Nylon for colder days of course.

Think thermoregulation. Getting heat exhaustion and heat stroke is just as dangerous as hypothermia.

We insist that people on northern work canoe trips involving portage clearing wear long sleeve cotton shirts.

Cotton weaves that never dry like denim and jersey are of course a no no. But a dense twill weave is fine.