Canoeing PFD With Long Torso

Looking for a new PFD this year and I “Grew up” paddling with PFD’s like the long lost SEDA (RIP SEDA)and others that were made for those whom canoe. Now days most they all seem to fit like the “Bro” or the “Manzeire” from Seinfeld? When I’m paddling, I like something with a belt around my WAIST, not my CHEST. Is there any PFD’s out there like that anymore?

PFDs are no longer canoe specific
in order to be profitable have to address the kayak world.

Look at the Astrals. There is waist closure that can be cinched. There won’t be anything below the waist but the waist should be at the waist, as the straps are highly adjustable to torso length.

Sort of, Terry. There is the Extrasport Ranger.

This is basically a modification of the old Extrasport Hi-Float that makes it a Type V PFD with a quick-release belt. It also has a mesh zip shoulder chest pocket and reflective shoulder tape. The type V mod makes it a bit pricey though.

Sierra Trading Post was selling these off for $99 each a while back, but they are sold out now.

but still on the extrasport website
for almost twice the price.

Good find, Pete.

don’t most type Vs have more coverage?
OTOH it’s going to be warmer.

Not necessarily

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The Ranger and the Hi-Float do have a lot of flotation at 26lbs 12oz. I have had a couple of Hi-Floats and found them to be pretty comfortable. The flotation extends over the shoulders and sometimes is useful for padding while portaging.

But the Type V classification is really just a catch-all for PFDs that do not fall into the other categories. It does not specify any amount of flotation except that it needs to be at least 15.5 lbs.

Type V PFDs include swiftwater rescue vests with a quick release belt like the Ranger but also include hybrid PFDs, board sailing vests, deck suits, and work vests. Type V is basically an "other" category.

The one I use mostly now was “Modified” by a friend at work whom sewed nylon straps at the top of the shoulders. This friend is now very ill and unable to help me with this anymore. I know, USCG frowns on that, but I do swim on occasion. With a PFD wrapped around my chest and neck it is a difficult task! So, I like to attach the PFD to my pants belt to prevent “Ride-up” in such situations.

Thanks again!

crotch strap
The Extrasport Hi-Float had inside loops at the belt level that allowed one to easily attach a crotch strap. I’m pretty sure the Ranger does as well.

Today’s low profile PFDs
are designed to make things easier in a swim, not more difficult. A quality one that’s well fitted will definitely not wrap around your neck or chest but will remain solidly in place, won’t get in your way in a swim and will be very comfy when you’re paddling. Come on buddy, give em a chance LOL. I know it’s tougher for you long torso fellers, but at six feet I find mine very comfortable and secure.

…Luke, I like what I LIKE (LOL)! And that’s NOT one of these:

be flexible
lower belt would go below ribcage closing the assembly to snagging from loose opening bottoms.

a generally accepted procedure for almost everything but fish and butterfly nets

the less stuff on your upper torso, the better not more longitudinally stripped, individually seamed blocking. Too much to catch on…

buy a brand name …if not well made they’d be out quick…

Trust me, they don’t feel like that, at least mine doesn’t. Anyway, people who wear those don’t need additional flotation.

I looked, but finally gave up
Not only are most of the PFD’s now low profile, but anything that looks a little longer in the front usually has mesh in the lower back for sitting in a kayak seat. I looked at some of the Hi-float rescue vests, but I found them big and bulky, and not particularly comfortable. I finally ended up with a NRS Vista – about as basic as you can get, and only $80. It does have a bit of the “Bro” look to it, but it’s comfortable and adjusted properly (translate that to mean snug) doesn’t ride in a swim. I tested it again just last weekend.

Good luck with your search, and let us know if you find anything. Unfortunately, I think you are going to end up with a “Bro” like the rest of us. I have the red PFD in the front.