Canoeing the Intercoastal Waterway

Anyone done this. I’m thinking of paddling the Rapidfire to Bull Island, crossing the IW and a saltwater bay.

Enjoy surfing barge wakes.

Hey Jim
I wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

Just pick your time and weather and remember the wakes are easy in deep water, but they build up to breakers in the shallows.

Pick your time, (no boats in sight) to cross the channels and you should be OK.

If you swim the water temp is still not that cold yet.

Check the tides. there can be some strong currents



State ?
Just out of curosity, in what state of the U. S. is the subject of your post? Thanks


South Carolina

I wouldn’t…
… but only becasue I haven’t been in a canoe in over 30 years! :wink:

I would think anyone decent with half a paddle and some slow but busy river experience should do fine.

Like JackL said, watch being in the shallows (and being caught too close to any sea walls, moored vessels, etc.) at the wrong time - plus standard common sense cautions of keeping an eye on the wind and tide forcasts and local variability.