Canoeing to church!

Only in my dreams…

However I have found that those little plastic communion cups work great for mixing a little epoxy! Great little mearuring devices.

Paddle to school…
When conditions are right during the fair weathered months, I can paddle my daughter down the Mad River to school from our backyard to the back field of her school. Then daddy has to run home and get the truck. Six years old and I’m already running shuttle for her (paddlers version of a soccer mom, I guess).

Happy paddlin’

Sounds like a Moses complex LOL (nm)

When I’m in my kayak
whatever water I’m on…I’m in church.

Paddlin’ on


That’s very nice Richard MN

GK, so when the going gets rough
does that equate to a bad sermon? :slight_smile:

God forbid a capsize and wet exit, what would that be?..


Back in '73, on the lower Red River
Gorge run in Ky, we came around a bend, and there were a bunch of primitive Baptists singing “Shall We Gather By the River” and plunging robed victims in the water.

We just sort of floated by as quietly as possible…

That would be time

for the choir to start singing and the congregation to bow their heads.

Paddlin’ on


Agreed, same said by a friend
as we were paddling at 7 am on Easter morning on a small quiet creek, watching the mists lift and listening to the birds sing, she said, “This IS my church.”

Hey GK, I gotta agree with ya’…

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about the church thing. Back when I was working as p/t security for Skippers Smokehouse (N.of Tampa) I had a married couple ask me if I attended church and where. I told 'em, "Chassahowitzka, Hillsborough River, Blackwater Creek, Western Everglades and Florida Bay, etc." When asked what denomination and why so many churches I told them,"No denomination, my places of worship are there for everyone to commune with God, especially if you have a paddle. You can have your man-made structures; I'll celebrate my and my family's blessings in what God Himself created."