Canoeing with a Greenland Paddle?

Hello All,

Most know that in days gone by, the double bladed paddle was a common paddle of use. However, I’m curious if anyone has ever been or heard of canoeing with a Greenland paddle? The GP is a very interesting paddle and seems to me, it may be a good match for certain style or types of canoes or specific canoeing environments.


yes I have messed with it

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The stick however was some short for my small solo canoe.

It is a good way to force yourself to learn the sliding effect that makes the paddle "longer" .

Here is a link to the sliding stroke.

A GP can be paddled high angle but thats wet. I dont do wet double blading.

And a j stroke or Canadian stroke works perfectly with the GP. Its similar in behavior to the ottertail ..not the beavertail.

Did I make a mudhole? The purists will have a field day.

Does a GP have to be short?
Couldn’t it be 8 or 9 feet long like the original pack canoe paddles?

Experimenting with a GP in canoe
Have tried a borrowed shortish GP soloing with my heavy Rx Dagger Legend on flat but often windy NC river and liked easy indexing and smooth easy strokes, but this boat is pretty heavy, with wide n high gunnels so hard to get effective strokes. Now experimenting with a GP and similar thin bladed carbon yak stick in new ULite, narrower, and lower profile Wen Vagabond. Was able to hang with local moderate yakers last week in stiff wind with the carbon stick, and next week trying the GP. Again borrowed GPs made for shorter paddle friends, so considered having a long GP made for open water cruising with yak friends and use the single stick for quiet creeks and free style play. Aging a bit so looking for stick thats easy on the body. Will post results here as I play. Interesting thread. Hope it developes. Rick

Sure if you have a flared
pack canoe…a 240 fits my solos…but I use my GP primarily for my yak and I was just messing around.

I have an Aleut paddle that I use for my RapidFire made by a pnetter.

looking forward to your followup
Interesting you mention the Vagabond. I currently have a Prism Kevlar for solo work and have seriously been considering the Vagabond in royalex for most everything else. I’d be curious as to the most advantageous length for a gp. Short of personal height variables, the canoe seat height, height above the waterline, etc. should drive for a longer gp. I look forward to your followup.


Wouldn’t a wind paddle be about
the same as a GP, the original wind paddle?