Canoeists in the Williamsburg, VA Area??


I am moving down to the Williamsburg VA area. I have made a few posts in the last couple of months and got some very helpful responses about kayaking the area.

I am also an avid canoeist and hoping to hook up with some other canoeists down there who like river paddling…Class I to III.



Matt - Sorry for being too lazy to check your previous posts, but have you checked out the Coastal Canoeists group, I’m pretty sure there are some folks from the Hampton Roads area in the club or that monitor the forum. Might be worth posting there too.

They are a pretty active group with several open boaters. Particualry around the Richmond area. They have multiple sessions every week on the James in down town richmond (class III/IV) as well as a little farther up river (class I/II).

I just paddled with a group of them Saturday on the Balcony falls section of the James (class II). Out of our group of 8, 4 were OC1’s.

I’m not too far away
Im in Fredericksburg and canoe on the Rappahannock about every other weekend. Also, check the coastals site and va paddlers yahoo group.