Canoeroots Video - The Passage

Yes, kayakers can read Canoeroots magazine. I have some canoes. I also have something in common with these guys. Besides being of a near age group I was building a boat about the same time frame. Its a good story. A little short on the mechanics of the boats, trip, navigation, route but a good film. Some how these wilderness trips get people to be introspective. Guys talk about relationships.

The interesting thing is that when they were planning to do the original trip in 1974 some replies came back and said the trip was crazy, the boats were too small, they’re gonna die. Interesting thoughts when we look at the recent Lake Superior discussions… It doesn’t have to be a great lake. At lake Murray in South Carolina a power boater told us we were going to die going out there amongst the stumps in the wind.

Not to hijack the thread, but non-paddlers are sometimes good for crazy advice. Once on the Wisconsin River as a group of us were getting ready to launch, a wannabe gentile fly fisherman, who along with his buddy, dressed in their spiffy Orvis duds, had just finished a guided day trip in a Green River Guide Boat, a seemingly cumbersome craft to use on that River (though that reflects more on the guide than his clients) told us, “You’re crazy to go out there today. The water is way too rough for canoes.” Their boat had a tiny outboard motor with an extended shaft, but due to the extreme rocker of a Green River Guide Boat (at least a foot of rocker at both ends), the sub-six-inch waves on the river that day would cause the boat to see-saw enough that the prop would be lifted high and dry at intervals. The wise old river rat (the wannabe gentile fly fisherman) cited that as evidence that the waves were three feet high! What do you say to a guy who says such a thing about a very average day with very average flatwater conditions?

You smile and say thanks, then go about your business. He was just trying to be helpful. I suspect it was good for a few laughs as you paddled down river. Not in his presence of course.

@castoff said:
You smile and say thanks, then go about your business.

Is not the time to debate. I’ve tried. It was useless.