canoes and GPs

Does anyone here paddle their canoe with a GP? I have seen several post about double blades for canoes and I don’t recall ever seeing someone recommend a GP. I am buying my wife a kayak and I need some practice making them so I thought I’d make one I can use in my canoe. I have read about how to determine the length of a GP for kayaking, does this need to be modified for canoes? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Should work
It’s the same difference as paddling a kayak with an EP or a GP.

I have an old GP I broke that I could make into a single-blade canoe paddle - I should try that with my canoe sometime…

GPs collect a lot of water
you will get lots of water drip in your canoe. I like using a sprayskirt to keep the water from soaking me especially in spring/fall.

I have never used one
but that makes sense. I guess I will wait until she gets her yak to start making them. I have been wanting to try a double blade in my canoe and thought it would be a cheaper option but I really don’t want a lap full of water. Thanks for the heads up.

Somone asked Charlie W. about that
regarding the Rapidfire. As i recall, he didn’t think it was a good match.

We have sold several Greenland Paddles to canoeists in northwestern Ontario. The owner of a canoe manufacturer nearby uses one is his solo canoe somewhat regularly as well.

Cheers… Joe O’