Canoes and roof-mounted antennas

Don’t roof-mounted antennas interfere with canoe loading/unloading?

I may have to get another car and I like wagons or larger hatchbacks but they all seem to have the antenna on the roof. When I load alone, I slide the canoe on from the back and would mow the antenna down with a thwart.

My current antenna is broken off and reception doesn’t seem to suffer too much, so I guess I could just dismount the antenna.

just unscrew the antenna.

They unscrew and screw back on very easy.

That is what I do with my new Suburu

Most of the time I leave it off though

Jack L

flexible antennas
My car has a flexible antenna. It doesn’t interfere with loading or unloading canoes and the antenna hasn’t been damaged after 4 years.

Our Accords use the rear window defrost
pattern as an antenna, and reception is pretty good. Maybe in some other cars there might be a way to tap into that defrost circuit. It would involve some research and digging to get at the wires.

if your antenna is, as I’ve always seen,
near the back and centered, load the canoe to one side and use the gunwale guides(rack accessory) in addition to tieing them down. If they don’t fit together…can you reseat the antenna over a bit??

should unscrew
You can probably even find a threaded end cap for the screw part once you unscrew the antenna from it.

Or for a few dollars you can install a shark fin antenna (stubby).

but I can’t imagine how. Is your flexible antenna maybe 10 inches, pointing back 35 degrees, like on the Kia Soul and many others? Would be great if those worked but it would have to bend much forward to get out of the way.