Canoes for Scout Troop

Hi all,

I’m brand new to the forum so please forgive me if I’m asking an old question that’s been thoroughly hashed out.

I’m a Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout troop. We own 6 15’ and 16’ Dagger canoes that see quite a bit of use. I’m completely satisfied with these boats and the boys love them. I’m wanting to add two or three more comparable boats so more boys can join us on our water adventures.

I have tried to find Dagger canoes but it appears that the company is only making kayaks now. Our local Scout camp owns quite a few Indian River boats that seem to hold up really well but I think they are glass and pretty heavy. The Daggers are plastic and are lighter and I think the flexibility of the plastic is more forgiving to the rough handling the boys can dish out at times.

Do any of you have advice on where I can find good boats like these in the $500-$700 range (we are completely self-funded and can’t really afford much more than that). Thanks for any advice you can share!

In the past two years I have bought two Dagger canoes (a 15 and a 16 foot) that I found on Craigslist. You have to be patient, but they will pop up. You also have to be willing to drive fairly far to pick them up. You might consider buying some of the Old Town models instead as they are more common.


Thanks Peter. I’ll keep my eye out.

Mad River is the main canoe line, for Confluence. This company also owns Dagger, Wilderness Systems and Perception kayaks.

The Mad River Adventure series, is a line of plastic canoes.[]=317

The loss of Royalex has been huge, as far as durable, relatively inexpensive and easily mantained canoes. You can still find them used on Craigslist, Facebook and similar sites. Royalex boats such as Old Town Penobscots and Discoveries can be found and would be perfect. Mad River Explorers, Wenonah Spirit IIs and similar boats in Royalex would also be appropriate. They are boys, generally not experts, and just need a boat to bang around in so you don’t need high end canoes. Unless you are taking river trips, even a aluminum Grummans can work and they can be found for a few hundred dollars used.

Old Town Discoveries never have been royalex, AFIK. Very tough, but very heavy.

You have fleet of Dagger Reflections. Thats wonderful! I would watch Craigslist for Atlanta, Chattanooga, Greenville, etc. Any place you would be willing to travel to. This site has a few Dagger showing up now and then as well. It is certainly worth a road trip to get a good boat. Used Royalex and R-84 boats have gone up in price since they stopped making it, but you can still find some good deals. Some other boats you may be interested in are Old Town Penobscot and the old Mad River Explorers. Get decent boats if you seriously use them. Our scout program did a whole lot more than “bang around” in canoes. I’m sure yours is the same. I am in GA and will keep an eye out for boats for you so check back to the thread now and then.

Not too far to go. The price is above your range, but it doesn’t hurt to make contact and see if they would lower it for a good cause. This is a real nice boat.

It looks structurally OK, but ugly. You may be able to talk them down to your price range.