Canoes for Summer Camp

I am a new summer camp director and one of my first task is to research and price canoes. We currently have 3 Seater Fiberglass American Eagle canoes. They are pretty beat up and we are looking to buy five canoes this year and then budget to buy few new canoes each year.

We would like to stick with the 3 seaters. We think we want to switch to aluminum. What canoes do you recommend?

Thank you for your help!

aluminum canoes
Three seaters probably aren’t out there but drop-in third seats are available and aluminum canoes seem like the right choice to me. In our area (Wisconsin-Minnesota) Craigslist is loaded with Grumman and Alumicraft canoes that appear to be in good shape for 250 to 500 dollars. It wouldn’t take too long for someone to gather some up.

Consider contacting nearby
camps that offer canoeing…

I don’t know where you are, nor your aims for a canoeing program.

Camps that offer canoeing these parts use Old Town Discovery tandems. Not three seaters. The camps goals are to make the two kids proficient paddlers… not passengers.

The reason you ought to contact camps is that they often know of discount ( bulk) programs in your area that are not open to the public.

The polyethylene canoes that work well for camps are heavy… But the teamwork needed is a worthwhile skill in and of itself.

I have worked with Winona Camp in Bridgton ME which has a wilderness tripping canoeing program. I am sure the Ordways would be willing to share what they do for replacement canoes.

Keewaydin Camps are another noted organization for canoeing