canoes from H2O Composites?

An ad just showed up on eBay for a 17’ carbon/glass composite canoe from H2O Composites. It is the Pursuit model, and the ad says: “The hull is a versatile asymmetrical design that is both quick and maneuverable. An excellent choice for both the wilderness adventurer or the weekend paddler who demands a lightweight and durable boat. We use only the best materials to construct our canoes. The main skin is an advanced triaxial glass which offers maximum strength in all directions. below the water line the hull is lined with carbon fiber surrounding a structural foam core . The stiffness gained from this combination is incredible! The bow and stern are lined with multiple layers of carbon fiber and traixial glass making them nearly impossible to penetrate. To laminate these layers together we use the latest vacuum infusion process whereby vinylester resin is introduced under vacuum pressure. This process maximizes the fiber to resin ratio making our laminates far superior in physical properties. We finally go the extra step and finish all of our boats in ash trim to give you not only a well built boat, but a beautifull looking one. The final weight is 58 lbs in this configuration.” The address is H2O Composites Inc. 62 Thornton Ave, London Ontario Canada N5Y 2Y3.

I can’t find anything on “H2O Composites” in’s reviews or other information. Likewise, google comes up blank. Anybody know who these guys are, and whether the canoe is worth another look?

Thanks in advance,


h2o composites

Hi, I’m Chris Oxner, one of the owners of H2O composites.

Just came across your question about us. We are a fairly new company here in Ontario. My partner and I have worked in the composite boat industry for the past 10 years, we decided to go out on our own to build mid to high end composite canoes and rowing shells. We would love you to check out our web site at Google can sometimes take quite a while before it recognizes new sites. If you have any other questions you can e mail us through our website, Thank-you for the intrest.


Hey Chris,
The URL you posted for your web-site is not valid. Care to try that again?

I got it to work arkay.
I made sure I used all lowercase letters excepting the 2, as I am prone to typing the zero key instead of “o” key on 0cassion.

Didn’t seem to gleem much info there at the website, though, as it appears young Chris has a fairly young website awaiting some finishing. And it also appears that at this time racing shells are their primary product.

Still, when I spied that lovely “Triax”‘d, shiny gray rocket ship of a canoe yesterday on eBay near that “beaut” of a Budweiser battleshiip listing, it caught my eye, too. Be interesting for Chris to tell us a few more things (beam, shearlines, etc.) about her.

Or maybe it is all there on the website, and this here ole stumble-bum is stearing a staggerin’ mouse too many clicks past the intended destination.


Yup. Stumble-bum be I.
If ya should get to the main page, the top logo be you all you need travel, then hit “Products.” In all, a journey of 2 clics.

Say Chris, you and your partner are some young bucks.

Good luck in your business endeavors.


Got it

Yeah, TW, that did it. Thanks.

Chris - Good luck on your venture!