Canoes or Kayaks Down the Chimney?

Any of you getting one for Christmas?

No, alas
Given the size of my fleet, the lady of the manor would like to send a few UP the chimney…

Merry Christmas, All!

just picked an Impex Mystic (RM) to add
to the fleet, and a WS Sealution is soon to follow.

Didn’t ask Santa for a boat…
just more time to paddle the ones that I have.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sold a used Malecite yesterday
Well I know somebody (Brad) bought a nice older Mad River Malecite for himself and family yesterday from me. So HE got a canoe for Christmas! I had five canoes so had to downsize anyway. Merry Christmas to ALL!

Just a Leatherman.

Yes but
how do you get the sucker out of the fireplace in one piece?

Always glad to see a good
discussion topic

playing Santa
I think I’ll be giving away a Perception saddle that was given to Aaron and me a few years back. Then again, with the weather that’s forcast, I’m getting the feeling it’ll be april before it goes.

To get that canoe out of the fireplace, use tongs and welding gloves, and if it’s poly, make sure it’s melted into the correct shape before hardening it in a snowbank. Just a suggestion, perhaps advice.

There is a guy here in Evansville IN who has been looking for a Perception saddle if you are looking for a home for it.

I’m sure he would be delighted to pay the shipping and your expenses in boxing it up. Shall I ask him?

Yeah, rjh hasn’t adopted the protocol.
Doesn’t seem to be aware of the discussion forum.

You mean asking Santa for something isn’t about “advice” or “help”???

No, but have a Merry Christmas is

no Pete
this guys been seriously meaning to pick this saddle up for about 1/2 a year now. Lives in D.C., but says he’d be up tomorrow. Seeing as we’ve got a blizzard on the way, I’m guessing April, next time he’s up. It’d be going in an ME, which will look nice. Other than that,it’s not really in the way. If things change, I’ll let you know.

And also with you!
Have a merry Christmas!

It’s only 363 more days!

it COULD be advice
for next year aka how to get the boat past the chimney damper…or that stovepipe bend…

Not new, but…
I picked up my restored 1954 Old Town HW on the 16th, and took it on the local lake before the storm hit. Beautiful boat, and paddles nicely solo and tandem.

I got kayak plans for Christmas, much better than buying one :slight_smile:

Will be a modified Laughing Loon Shooting Star in the late spring.

Bill H.

I Did Sorta…
i don’t know if this counts but here goes. this is my new kayaking buddy named “Kay-ak”.

A Really Little Red Kayak
A friend gave me kayak for Christmas – it’s about 10 inches long and has a Cabela’s sticker on it. Haven’t tested it to see if it floats. The little paddler who came with is having a hard time hanging on to his paddle – but at least he’s wearing a PFD!