Canon Powershot D10

I would like to get a waterproof camera to use on the water - I do mostly flat water paddling. I don’t want to risk my 40D and my S5 is not waterproof. What do you think about the Powershot D10? It’s got lots of good features and is waterproof to 33 feet. Here is a link to it on Amazon:

Canon D10
I got one recently to take on a pending trip (as well as when kayaking locally). I haven’t played with it much, but I find the controls and settings aren’t as intuitive to me as my 20D DSLR; of course, I’ve spent much more time with SLRs than I have with non-SLR cameras.

The menu layout is much more different than the layout on my 20D; I was surprised by this, but I believe I read that Canon has updated their DSLR menu layout so your 40D’s layout may be more similar. The layout on the D10 is probably logical in it’s own way, but the various functions just aren’t where I expect them to be.

I generally keep my 20D in aperture priority mode and let it select the shutter speed - I tend to compose shots with DOF in mind; this isn’t an option on the D10. It does have a lot of auto modes (portrait, landscape, etc.) that should allow a lot of flexibility. I also find the button-driven controls aggravating as compared to the dials and buttons on the 20D.

One thing I have difficulty with on the 20D is remembering to check the ISO setting; I’ll raise the ISO setting for low light conditions, then forget to lower it when out in the bright sunlight so I end up with too many daylight photos taken at ISO 800. The D10 has an auto-ISO setting that should hopefully help with this. Of course, I don’t hope for the D10 to perform anywhere near as well as the 20D does at ISO 800!

I plan to spend more time with the D10 manual and the camera itself. I think I’ll continue to find the limitations (as compared to a DSLR) frustrating, but I’m willing to deal with that rather than risk my DSLR and L-series lenses while kayaking. And the DSLR is definitely not an option for the snorkeling we’re planning on doing on vacation in March!

Canon D10
I have had the Canon D10 since July. I’m used to Canon (have 40D and other models). I’ve really liked it and take it on all my kayak trips. Fairly intuitive, has Image Stability and a video option. Takes a lot of abuse. There are a few accessories available since I purchased mine that look useful but pricy.

Only drawback that I see is the viewfinder would be better in Mineral Crystal (easily scratched and I haven’t found a protector that stays on) and you should carry something to clean the lens and water accumulates around the edges.

Hi Bogie
I bought one for christmas and so far it works very well! Video snow tubing! no kayaking yet! I will have it on the next meet up trip see ya there!


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Thanks for the replies. I especially like to hear from people who have one of these cameras. From what I have seen this camera seems to have the best features for the money. I am going to stop in and see one at my local camera shop - maybe they can meet the online prices.


I have the Olympus 1050SW
and it works very well, but I think the nicest may be the Panasonic:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1


NEW Pany out soon - 33ft proof too
I played with the D10 in the store and had the Panny TS1 for a short week. The TS1 beats the D10 on just about every count, except waterproofness/toughness. The new Panny should be a D10 match for waterproofness now.

The D10 arguably had more pleasing color/better white balance to my eye and, being bulkier, felt nicer in the hand But not in the pocket).

Either one would do, unless you need wide angle or HD video, in which case the Panny’s the one to choose.

Just recently, others announced their ver ions, including an updated Fuji, Casio, Olympus, etc.

I expect Canon will release a D10 update with HD video and wider lens but who knows…

Casio EX-G1
I stopped in my local camera store today - they did not have a D-10 but did have a new Casio EX-G1. I didn’t have much time to look at it but it is about the same price as the Canon and is smaller. One thing that I do not like about it is that you have to take out the battery to charge it.

That would be
a plus for me.