Canon waterproof case for S1IS?

Received a Canon Powershot S1 IS digital camera for Christmas, and am considering investing in the Waterproof Case WP-DC20. Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has had hands-on experience with this case.

I have the DC 200 case
It has kept the camera dry even when submerged just below the surface. All buttons operate easily but it covers the label functions on the camera. Lots of my pics turn out fuzzy because of water stain/drops on the lens.

I will let you know
I also got a canon powershot S1 IS for Christmas and the water proof case for my birthday (Dec 26). I have not used the water proof case other than playing around with it in the house. My first impression is that it makes the camera very bulky, about the size of a large SLR. I think I will get a Zing neoprene cover to protect the case and lens and also keep water of the lens. I will then hook it to the deck bungies. I hope to get out paddling Fri and Sat. to see how it works. You can operate all the buttons easily with the case on, but it can be hard to see which button does what, that should not be a problem when I get to know the camera better.


Case for Canon S1 IS
Appreciate the feedback. I’ll be waiting to hear about this week’s field test. The case lists for $240. Any suggestions on the best source? I have heard that they can actually be purchased for around $120.

Waterproof Case
I own the Canon Powershot S400 and am very happy with my Canon waterproof case. Provided the front area around the lens stays dry you can hardly tell that you are shooting from an enclosed case. About the only lack of sharpness is with distance shots.

I found my case at about a 40% off list through internet shopping. Try using Froogle and list the model number of the specific case that you need.


so far so good
The park where I wanted to paddle closed at noon so I did not launch from there, I saw an eagle diving for fish the last time I was there. I went to a marshy area but it was pretty windy and I did not see many birds. I saw a turtle on a mud flat but he saw me and he made it to deep water before I could get the camera turned on and ready. I looked at a Zing neoprene cover to protect the case lens and keep water spots off, but it did not fit very well so I got a lowepro topload camera bag for an SLR. The waterproof case just fits in and I mounted on the deck with the top opening facing me, so glass lens is protected from spashes and water spots. Seems to work well, but I really like a clean deck and it is too bulky. I think if I wanted shots of other kayakers etc I would get a Pentax 43WR that would fit in a pocket. I kayak alone or with my wife most of the time so I wanted something that would take wildlife photos. The photos I took today came out great so it will do what I intended. I found it hard to keep the camers pointed at the subject when sitting in a kayak and zoomed beyond the 10x optical zoom. The image stablizer seems to work well. I will post pics when I have some time.

Hope this helps…Steve

One last time, before the plunge. . .
So far, all feedback on the waterproof case for the Canon S1IS has been positive, and I’ve found reliable sources around $160–170. Any further comments or concerns before I take the plunge? Really appreciate the feedback.

I’m looking for one too
Where did you find the case at that price?

b and h photo
I got mine at b and h photo. They have great service and reasonable prices.

I am trying to figure out how to post my pictureson webshots. I can see them when I log in but the link I send to myself does not let me view them. I will figure it out soon, I hope.


Canon Waterproof Case
The case is on for $169.88, says it ships from J&R Music and Computer World. Went through Froogle Search, also saw it somewhere else for $159.88, but didn’t recognize the company.

Now I’ll have to learn how to post pictures, too. This technology stuff is a regular treadmill!

a few pic’s
Some pictures that I took the first couple of times out with the camera. I have not had time to get out much lately, maybe today.


Through the cae?
If those pictures were taken with the camera in the case, it’s pretty darned good.

I’ve been trying to decide whether to get a waterproof case for my canon s400. A chunk of change, for sure.

Post your results
when you finally buy/or not. I also bought an S1IS before the holidays and was considering using a Simms digital camera dry bag for it. I don’t really plan on getting it out in rough or tippy conditions. Better to hang up and paddle then. I guess it somewhat depends on what kind of paddling you do.

Side note: We are supposed to have some 50 and 60 degree days this week that may free up some of the hard water in my local ponds. Might get to scratch that itch.


thru the case
I took those pictures with my S1 IS and Canon WP-DC20 water proof case. My only complaint is it makes the camera bulky, but I am more than pleased with the results. I now need to become a better photographer. I probably won’t get much time on the water until March at this point. We were planning a trip to Florida for Sweetwater’s BCU week, but we decided to take a ski trip to Steamboat, CO instead. I won’t use the case there but I will see how the camera works in the cold and snow.


Canon S1IS
I bought an S1 IS last summer and was very happy with it. Be careful with your camera! I had mine a few weeks and dropped it while putting it back in my case. It landed on the lens body and jammed it back into the case. $275 to repair it! Thankfully, I used my GM Mastercard to buy it and have the buyers protection plan. Master card paid for the repair. It took months to get it back from Cord Camera who sent it to Canon for repair. I just ordered one of the waterproof cases for it-- I will have to pay for any future “Doh!” moments.