Canot Du Nord plans, and Canoe form/moul

Hello, I’m Songwritermi1 and I’m looking for plans to build a Canot Du Nord. Does anyone know where I can get plans for this.

I also want to build Wood/Canvas canoes and I’m looking for a form/mould.

Any help would be grateful.

Sincerely Songwritermi1

What is it?
From the school of no question too stupid: what is it you are trying to build?

Have you checked out the web site that the Wooden Canoe people operate? Lot of boat builders over there.

Also try the myccr site. I forget if it is .com, .org. or what. The ccr stands for canadian canoe routes if you end up having to google it. Seem to be a lot of Canadian wooden boaters that post there.

Good luck and fill me in on what that kanot is.


canot du nord
isn’t that a 3x27 pro racer that Serge Corbin paddles?

If that is the case just look for pro racer plans, maybe from Greenvalley boats.

Cano Du Nord
For those of you that don’t know this is a canoe used during the Fur trade days, mainly on the inland waters as a small freighter.

I’ve heard of these being between 18’-26’.

Thanks to those postings, I’ll give em a shot.

Sincerely Sonwritermi1

Canadian Canoe Museum
also John Winters had an ariticle in Kanawa some years past on building a Canot du Nord.

His plans apparantly were well received.

Also staff at Ft William might be of help.

Best of luck to you and your back… Those are tippy craft when empty btw