Can't figure out manufacturer of kayak

I’m a new kayaker and recently bought a used sit-on-top kayak that’s been through many hands. I’m trying to figure out who the manufacturer of this kayak is, since it has no markings on it at all other than a serial number. I know it was manufactured in 1999 and the first 4 letters of the serial number are ATXP. I can’t seem to find any information at all connecting these letters to any manufacturers. The kayak is a bit unusual because there isn’t a detachable seat. Its actually molded into the boat and is incredibly comfortable for me. Can anyone give me any information at all about this boat?

I have never seen a SOT with a
detachable seat. Got a photo?

More info that might apply…

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"In 1990 Old Town began distributing the Dimension brand of sit-upon kayaks for Quebec's Plastiques LPA, Ltd. Old Town bought the company in 1997."

So that would likely make it a Dimension kayak, or maybe even Old Town.


Also chech this database

Leave all boxes unchecked - and use the manufacturer dropdown list to select "Dimension/Old Town. Your results should show 7 models (6 singles, one tandem).

Is it one of those? Most are a bit weird, like the “Typhoon” in this review:

The Typhoon
was sold here by Old Town as part of their OT Sport line a few years back. They were done in fluorescent colors and had hip looking graphics on them and they were targeted at the younger paddling market. The same boat is still offered by Old Town sans the gear hump in the back. I saw one at Cabella’s last week in just a plain yellow for a little under $300.

We have a winner!
I found it! Its the Cricket from Dimension Old Town. I absolutely LOVE this kayak and wish I could find another one just like it. At least now I finally know what I’m looking for. I just spent two entire days on a lake with this kayak and I can’t stop smiling. My arms are sore and I’m a bit sunburned, but I am one happy camper. Can’t wait to get out there again! Thanks so much for all your help.