Cant find info on a 1986 Wenonah Fish?

Anybody know the composite material and specs??

A little more info
What color is the boat, both inside and out? IF the inside is either a brown or greyish paint, it is probably a Tufweave boat. If the inside is a kevlar color(light to dark yellow) it probably is kevlar. The weight of the boat could also be a consideration, sub 45 pounds would probably be kevlar. At the very worst, get the serial number and have Wenonah look up the info on it.

more info
the outside under four layers of paint is orange and the inside is a tan color. it is 16’ with alum gunwales, seat brackets, portage handles and thwart.

Check the Specs…
…with the Adirondack. I believe the Fisherman was the early Adirondack. WW

Fisherman was always 14’…
maybe you have a Adirondack?

why not…
…call or email the factory and ask

(507) 454-5430

Fisherman was early Adirondack
The 16’ canoe now known as the Adirondack started as the Fisherman. Later a 14’ version was added and shortly after its appearance the 16’ version was renamed the Adirondack.

In the 80’s it was available in all the layups offered by Wenonah in either glass or kevlar. Royalex was not used then by Wenonah. it was available in an inexpensive glass layup called All-glass or Extra-stiffened, depending on the year. This layup used multiple layers of woven roving in the floor instead of a foam core. They were heavy, 72# but very tough and inexpensive. The telling trait is the smooth floor and no side ribs.

The hull was offered in both cross rib and center rib in glass or Kevlar. I do not remember it being offered in core-stiffened glass, but it was offered in core-stiffened Kevlar. The cross-rib and center-rib versions can be identified by the namesake ribs in the floor, either running crossways or down the center from bow to stern.

The core-stiffened layups have smooth floors and sideribs running up from the floor to the gunwales.

The glass hulls had a sand colored finish to the inside and the Kevlar hulls were natural kevlar on the inside. All were available in gel-coat exterior.

Hope this helps


Prboably a Tufweave
If I had to put my money down, I would guess that you have a Fiberglass version of the 16’ Fisherman. If the serial numebr is still on it, give Wenonah a call and they could tell you for sure.


Thanks to All for the info
I do have the model number. I will call Wenonah today. The floor is smooth, except for the waffle weave texture of the glass. It is a beige color. The canoe is heavy, haven’t weighed it yet.