Can't work Point 65 rudder

-- Last Updated: Jul-06-14 4:13 PM EST --

I recently bought a tandem Mercury kayak made by Point 65 and I love everything about it. Since it's modular I can carry it inside my car. But I cannot figure out how to make the rudder lines work with the pedals. There's a small plastic device that's supposed to keep the thin ropes tight, but it never works for me.

Can anyone give advice?

utube !
point 65 rudder video are at Youtube

Contact the rep
I’ve had issues with this as well. The U.S. rep for Point 65 is (Harry Longerbeam).

I asked him before I purchased the Point 65 Mercury GTX if the rudder issue was fixed, as there were complaints about it on here and elsewhere, and he said that they had been worked out. I might be missing something and not quite know what I’m doing, but it’s certainly not intuitive if there is a fix for this…