Canyon Keg review??

I use the BV500 in my kayak as a means of keeping my food safe from the raccoons and mice (no bears where I paddle) but I bought one of these at a yard sale and was wondering if anyone has experience with them.
I see that they are made for climbers but they should work for paddlers as well.

I have no specific experience with this, but some general thoughts:

On longer trips I use two large plastic rectangular food storage containers, about 8 x 12 x 6, inside a large dry bag. By itself this is protection enough from small rodents and whatever water is inside my hatch. For raccoons and bears the whole thing gets hung in a tree or put in a provided food storage vault if available. Combined with keeping a very clean camp, this method has worked flawlessly to protect my food and the wild animals.

I find this setup to be more flexible in terms of packing because I can rearrange the two containers so they are stacked or lay side-by-side. I have a variety of sizes to pick from when I’m packing my food for a trip. I think it really depends on where in your boat you plan on putting it. The round shape may fit well, or it may waste space if you can’t pack anything else around it.