Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia

Anyone have any advice or recommendations for kayaking here? What is the camping potential? Water supply? Summer conditions? Etc.



Beautiful area
Wife and I were up there in 2002. Didn’t camp, but did paddle. There are plenty of outfitters that can set you up or guide you. We used North River Kayak Tours…

but there are plenty of others.

some of my photo’s


Beautiful, take care

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I've been to Cape Breton four times since 2001 - it's truly amazing, especially if you spend your time mostly in the Cape Breton Highlands Park, from Cheticamp around to Ingonish. I have not kayaked there, however, as my wife is pretty terrified of boating on the open ocean. I've convinced her to go on whale watching boats a few times, but that's about it. It's OK - I do plenty of kayaking the rest of the year. Plus, there are enough gorgeous day hikes in the park to keep you busy for a couple of weeks.

I echo what Andy says - use an outfitter if kayaking in the ocean. There are long inaccessible stretches of the coast with no landing spots, and the weather can be dicey even at the height of summer. If you want more sedate water, there is the Bras D'Or Lake (saltwater inlet, really) and Lake Ainslie (fresh), and a nice inlet at Maboo. Both lakes are big enough for significant wind waves, however.

Here's a trip description of a paddle from Cheticamp north around the top of the park to Ingonish:
They mention a book by Scott Cunningham called Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia - I haven't seen it before, but Amazon has it - probably worth a look.

Used same outfitter
for a 3 day trip from Cheticamp to Meat Cove. Great time, and big seas two days. Pilot whales swimming around us, too.

If you don;t use an outfitter, make sure you have good info about where you’re going. As was already said, very few landing spots on the highlands coast.

Canoe kayak nova scotia, probably lots there who will help out, although you have some good advice already.