Cape Canaveral/Coco Beach

Anyone know of an outfitter that would rent a real sea kayak and kit in the general area from Orlando to Cape Canaveral / CoCo Beach? Not a lot online and hard to tell what boats some outfitters have. I’m not heading here specifically to paddle, but would love to as a side trip.


Here is a link to paddling in the area

Cocoa Village
You might try Village Outfitters in Cocoa Village.

Cocoa Beach
I lived in Cocoa Beach for 12 years. The ocean or the Intercoastal are only a few blocks from anywhere in Cocoa Beach so you should take advantage of paddling both while you are there.

Ron Johns , Ocean World etc rent sit on tops for the ocean and you should take advantage of this while there. For the Intercoastal, Village Outfitters is probably your best bet for sea kayak rental

For kayaking routes in the area go to

For rental

The local kayak club is Space Coast Paddlers

Ramp Rd park is a well used launch to the 1000 islands area

Email me if you want more information

If you want more information, email me