Cape Cod Bay Canoe

I am looking at a used Cape Cod Bay canoe for $150.00. Is this a good price? the canoe looks overall good with a few scraps on the hull. Is this a soft of hard fiber glass. Any feed back would be great.

Thanks for looking Steve

I’m not at all familiar with that canoe, but nearly any canoe in good condition, for $150 would be a good price.

Cape Cod Bay

stevel, it is a 90 pound canoe,
38" wide, and evidently intended partly for use with a motor. Do you want to be loading a 90 pound FG boat? Do you want to paddle a 38" wide boat, solo, or tandem? It will be a slow canoe when paddled.

I would look for something lighter and narrower.

It looks more like a narrow rowboat than a canoe. I can’t imagine trying to paddle that thing