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Estuarine Research Reserve ?

In the latest issue of Backpacker magazine there is a kayak blurb about putting in in Falmouth on the Child’s river and gives directions on how to get there.

Has anyone paddled there and if so is it a good all day trip or just a short jaunt?

We will be up that neck of the woods next month and were wondering if it would be good to put on our “to do” list



You can make it an all-day trip
It’s not a huge bay, but there are marshes and coves to explore, and open water to paddle as well. And there’s camping by permit on Washburn Island, which makes up one side of the bay.

I’ve paddled and camped there several times with friends. Nice place.



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That is what I was hoping We will add it to the list.
I sent you a private e-mail asking some more questions


Camp Sites are Gorgeous
Was just there once, but the camp sites we saw on one side of the bay make it worth going just to sleep there. Granted that the fact of being on soft sand alone looked awfully nice after the islands in Maine, but the morning view from the tent opening thru the grasses has got to be gorgeous.

If you are going to be there anyway and have the time, you can also pretty much guarantee some seal sitings off the east coast of Monemoy Island(s). (Whether there are strictly speaking island(s) tends to get shifted by storms every couple of years - at the moment I think there is at least one passage open again around North Monemoy.)

short trip
that you can futz around and make a day of…really pretty. very convenient launch at the marina on the childs river.

shallow and exposed so can get choppy. great jumping off point if you feel up to the crossing to the vineyard if you want that sort of journey.

you can camp - have to make reservations by calling 1-877-422-6762. no fires allowed and can be buggy.

I was there yesterday
The weather was great. It was a nice day on the water. We (my son and I…a great fathers day) stayed in the bay. It was my first time there. We spoke to the island Mgr.(run by DCR) as I had looked into getting a campsite, but they are almost all booked through Labor day. He informed us that they are available six months in advance, and go fast, but check during the week for cancellations. Also a great place to fish and/or go claming. The Mahnager informed me that in 15 - 20 minutes you can get enough clams for two hungry people. Have fun.

It is a shame that the National
Estuarine Marine reserves are not more publized in the paddling world.

We found the one in Naples Florda quite by accident.

It has a marked canoe trail (free) and is great for beginners as well as experienced paddlers.

After the first day we went back with charts and followed our noses for an all day paddle in the wilderness.

We’ll be heading back for some more exploration there next winter.



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