Cape Falcon F1 vs WSBS Delta

Just curious if anyone has paddled both the WSBS Delta and the Cape Falcon F1? They both seem to adhere to the same design principles but are worlds apart in material construction.

They are different, IMO
I have not paddled either, but I think they are quire different from the looks and not just in materials. Not sure why you say they have a similar design approach… Delta seems from the photos to be low rocker ruddered kayak where the F1 is more rockered and higher volume (though it can be custom built, I guess, where the Delta probably can’t)… The Delta (despite being under 14 feet) will probably be faster as a fitness or racing kayak (in flat or downriver), the F1 would be better suited as a rough water playboat… If you are looking at these, might look also at the thermoformed Huricane Cat 5 or Perception’s Cadence (the Rythm is the larger paddler’s version, the old one, not the new one under the same name).

Both good designs
I have an SC-1, which is the precursor to the F-1. It is good in rough water as Kocho says, but is quite enjoyable in flat water - very low resistance, good tracking due to the skeg-stern, more responsive to leans than most boats. The F-1 is probably a little better, and both are optimized for surfing ability. The bonus to the F-1 is that it is sized to the paddler.

I was interested in the Delta due to its high front deck - I like a lot of knee room. However, Doug Bushnell told me I was much too heavy for it at 200#. I disagree that this boat would be hard to turn - he specifically mentions that it is highly turnable when leaned. It’s not necessary to have a lot of rocker for a boat to be nimble - if he says it’s turnable, then I believe it.

If you’re the right size, I think either will work well. Skin boats are a pleasure to carry around, you don’t have to be careful with them, and they won’t dent your car. They’re also really quiet on the water - eerily so on flatwater. You’re in a tough spot, as there is probably no way to try either. If you could manage to go take the F-1 building class, I’m certain you would be happy with the end product.