Cape May NJ vs Kayakers

From Phila. Inquirer Sun. 8/8:

CAPE MAY, N.J. - In this, the “Coastline of No” - as in no running, no ball playing, no biking, no barbecuing - the City of Cape May’s proposed beach and promenade rules are breathtaking in their scope.

Fishing banned from the last jetty where it had been permitted. Kayakers tossed from Cove Beach, where they have navigated waves for decades. No carrying surfboards down the promenade. Bicycle hours cut back to exclude those high-traffic times of 4 to 6 a.m. No “rough athletics” in the surf.

The impetus for the revamping of the beach regulations seems to have come from the situation at Cove Beach at the south end of town, which, thanks to beach replenishment, has the gentlest slope in town.

One day last week, when body surfers were slamming into steep shorelines elsewhere in town, Cove Beach was overrun with families and surfers.

Mogck says this increased activity is what led him to request that kayakers be booted from the Cove and sent to the opposite end of town, to the much steeper Poverty Beach. According to Mogck, they were riding waves into bathers.

“I had to come up with something to stop these kayakers from riding into bathers,” Mogck said. “I’m not against kayakers at all. I’m here to protect the bathers.”

=<br />That really blows man =<br />
I live in NY on LongIsland and I hate having to wait till after the beach closes, forget about not being able to do anything at all!


I just got back 1 hr. ago ,I didnt take my kayak because I dont know where to go or the regs down there(& boy was I miserable ).Saturday morning they were surfing or had a surfing contest in north WW.

Try the bay side!
For sea kayak, you got the whole delaware bay to


I get pummelled every time by the …
…body boarders…they don’t even TRY to avoid running into you…I have a hard time believing most kayakers would be as rude, but maybe I’m talking out of place (most people ARE pretty rude nowadays)