Cape May, NJ

Hi. I’m going to be in Cape May visiting family for a week, June 21-28, and I would love to paddle there if anyone has an extra boat. It would be great to get out one or two times. I’m a decent paddler, and I’ll buy the beer afterwards.

Let me know if you can help out or know someone who can.


…a little ways up is Margate (28 miles)- there is a guy there that may have an extra ski to use.

Post your question over on the surfski yahoo group.

There are a couple of rental places in town if you can’t find a boat. If you need the phone numbers, just let me know. - Jim

I hate renting sit on tops
So slow, with such lousy paddles. Call me a kayak snob. And it’s much more fun to go with a local, who can show you around a bit.

Are you local? Want to paddle?


Might be able to hook you up
with some fast paddlers. I saw your post on JSSKA. The 28th, we are having our Annual Kickoff Paddle in Somers Point. There will be about 75 paddlers there that day. Plus, I will ask some of my friends who have racing boats if they would be able to join you during the week and or hook you up with suitable boats.

Send me an email and I can fill you in on some other opportunities for that week.