Capella 167 vs Romany Surf

Just test paddled the Romany Surf and liked it a lot. I’m looking for a playful day boat, surfing and skill development since I have a QCC 500 for big trips. Also paddled the Impex Currituck and like it also but the cockpit is just a bit small for my 6’ and 220#.

I’m now waiting to test the P&H Capella 167. Can anyone give me their own experience with either or both the Surf and 167. Thanks.

S cockpit
one of the great benefits of the big Romany will be it’s large fitting, and longish cockpit. for a 16’22" wide boat, there will be nothing close i reckon. last time i was in a Capella, it had a small cockpit (for me) except for the 173 which has an awesome, long cockpit, but in a much larger boat. hence, the reason i have a RS on order…