Capella, Avocet, ????

Its been a loooooong time since I have posted here and as long since I had a kayak. Sold my P&H Capella, kept canoe and bikes, and well life changes sometimes. So now am really missing having the kayak. I remember Avocet and Capella being similar years ago and am wondering if anyone knows of a similar kayak with skeg that’s out there. Assuming Capella and Avocet are still similar.

Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts


I assume if you think of the Avocet and Capella as being similar, you would probably feel any of the plethora of Brit inspired/style day boats would be… such as Romany, Tempest 165, Chatham 16, etc…

There is also a new generation of day boats such as the Valley Gemini and P&H Delphin.

The 161 and maybe the 163 are somewhat like the Avocet. I have a 167 and the difference is fairly significant. I also have a couple Valley boats and think the P&H build quality and customer service are superior. The Avocet and shorter Capellas are good all around yaks with some play and ability to handle rough seas. For more play, I’d look at the boats the prior poster mentioned. And, I’d test paddle with the anticipated load.

Your specs?
That’d help for making suggestions.

I’d add another Valley owned brand model to your list, the North Shore Atlantic LV Fiberglass. My preference in a smoother ride over the regular volume Avocet.

See you on the water,


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