Capella Kayaks

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Hi, im relatively new to Kayaking and have been using a Point 65N Mercury Solo due to space restrictions. Im now looking to upgrade and I have been looking at the Capella series.

I am just wondering what the difference is between the P&H Capella Kayaks (the 167) and the Venture Capella Kayaks (the 166)? There is a large price difference so was really curious as to what the deal is here?


Typical of Composite vs. Plastic

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A new Capella 167 (sunset-ed model so special order only) would be $3900 whereas the plastic creation from Venture (which is a division of P&H) is $1500. One of the biggest cost differences is labor of laid up composite construction vs. rotomolded plastics.

There are more differences between the two models but the construction technique is going to be the largest factor.

Too bad your in Abu Dhabi, a consignment Capella 167 fiberglass just came in but that's be a long way to paddle.

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The P&H branded boats are available in various composite layups - Fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon.

Expensive materials and the boats are largely made by hand.

The Venture brand is the same basic designs, made in Polyethylene plastic.

A cheap material that is poured into a mold, and only some finish work is done by hand.

Thanks guys. Yeah living in Abu Dhabi has its problems for Kayak buying! For example the Easky 17 is around $1400 normally I think? Ive seen it for $1000 in UK retailers! Here it is over $2000!!

Im still awaiting the price of a Capella 166 but I expect it to be way above everywhere else.

Capella 166
and the 160 used to be made in 3-layer “Corelite” under the P&H brand, now they’re single-layer rotomold polyethylene under the Venture brand. Here in the States you can find used Corelite Cappellas for well under $1000.