Capella RM footpegs

I rented a Capella RM 166 for a couple of days to try the boat out. I found much to like in this kayak, but I’m wondering how robust the plastic footpegs/braces and rails are. Any Capella RM owners out there with feedback on the durability of these footpegs?

Thanks in advance for any help.

foot pegs
Read the reviews here for the Capella RMs. I don’t recall seeing any negative comments about their foot pegs. I’ve got a Capella 166 RM and the pegs seem really sturdy, but I’ve only had the boat about 2 months. P&H kayaks in general are pretty well built, so I doubt if they would put fragile foot pegs on them.

beat the heck out of my 166 RM for over four years and the foot pegs have never been a problem. They are rock solid.