Capella RM

I am thinking about getting a kayak. I have paddled short rec boats and a tsunami. Mostly will paddle on a lake with significant other, but may sometimes want to go out on the bay.

Am considering trying a P&H Capella. Not sure if there would be a noticable fit or performance difference for the RM 160 vs the RM 166, but would have to check this out at two different locations, can’t do a side by side. I can get a much better deal on the 160 if the size will be okay. Sat in a Chatham 16 RM, and found it was tight to get into…more than I liked, but was actually okay once I was in it. The Capella seems to have a bit wider cockpit, so I hope that will be better. Also considering looking at a CD Storm and a Perception Eclipse. I am 6ft and 175-180 lbs. Any thoughts/insights?

I am 150 lbs and the 160 fits me very

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well and snugly but may be tight for you. You are bigger and the 166 is roomier and possibly a better fit. Sit in them for a few hours and you will know for sure.

Both good boats
Try them both on. You may be a little tight in the 160, but only you can tell. I’ve paddled a 166 a few times and it fits me well at 5’8" and 195. One of the better poly boats on the market.

For skills work

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The Storm is a good old boat - can't knock its performance and reliability in big stuff. I had its smaller cousin, the Squall for my first sea kayak and for simply getting you home safe these boats are real keepers.
But - if you are thinking about skills like rolling, more advanced bracing and sculling, you'll find the Capella to be much friendlier to work with and more supportive.
Don't know about the Eclipse, but if it's an older design it's likely that the Capella will outpace it in these areas since they've been inproving the Capella in more recent years.

Chatham 16
& KY jelly

things are getting racy…

Goals and uses?
If you are hoping to develop bracing, rolling, etc… skills, one of the lower decked and livlier hulled boats would be more supportive of your goals than a wide high decked boat.

I’m 6’ and 170 pounds and found a friend’s Storm cavernous. It has a long well respected history, but it is high decked, beamy, and not very responsive.

I also find the Sirocco awfully big, but many like the boat.

You might try a poly Avocet or Aquanaut. Many enjoy the poly Tempests. (now that a friend has one, I’ll get a real chance to try it).

But using KY is a PITA…

try before you buy
If possible try a perception avatar. I think you will find it is closer in performance to the cappela than the eclipse or storm.