capella seat question

I am about to rightsize and go from a capella 166 to a 173. My question is for anyone who has experience in paddling a capella with the old fiberglass seat and can compare that to the current plastic molded version. I am wondering what the differences, preferences are between the two. I have an option to buy a used 173 a few time zones away that has the fiberglass seat. I won’t be able to sit in it prior so any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

i like the glass seat better for the
capella…the newer seat did not fit me well into the boat…

now the same seat in the bahiya-LOVE it…would love to own that boat…

for me it just placed me better in the cockpit of the bahiya…higher up it seemed…also my knees were nto as splayed out…


similar shape

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between the original glass and current offering. I glued some thin neo in my former P&H for better grip as not to slide when edging. The removable thin foam cover on newer models does just that. My old one had two holes for fore and aft seat trim. The newer one seen on a Cap 161 does too.

Only one mounting screw per side through lower coaming on new ones although there is plenty of supporting foam underneath. The glass ones are very solid.

Height from hull is the same between two versions.

If it’s a good deal buy it. You can always replace the seat. Vaughn Fulton