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Can anyone speak to the difference in the P&H Capella 161 and 163 other than the obvious load capacities, length, and width? I have the 160RM but that is going to the wife and I am looking to upgrade. I am leaning to the 161 as it appears on paper to be closer to what I have than the 163. I am 5’10” 180 but all torso and arm just a 30’inseam. Thoughts? Am I splitting hairs here? I basically want my 160rm in Diolen.

Current year or older?
The reason I ask is that the 161 and the original 163 are, to me, very different boats. I am 5’3.5" and 130 about pounds. The 161 felt fairly spritely and was an apt fit for me - I had good contact for control and there was no issue making it do what I wanted.

The 163 I used was older, the first 163, and was NOT spritely, overly large, and it was a bear to get going on a roll. It felt like just too much boat. If I were a larger person it probably would have been fine.

But the original 163 I used was an older design, the 161 a quite new tweak on the Capellas, and I could swear someone me that P&H was going to move the tweaks from the 161 up into the rest of the Capella line.

brand new
I am looking at new boats but this helps. I pack very light so the extra volume in 163, I think, is a non issue.

And now the numbers
The Capella 161 hull profile across the cockpit area is going to be more similar to the 167. The 163 and the 173 have more of a shallow v hull. The more rounded and the more v’d hull are going to feel different, obviously.

To duplicate the feel of your Capella 160RM in Diolen I would say an Impex Hatteras might be the closest in feel on the maneuverable side of the scale. Not identical but in that 16’ size close. If you move up a tad in length then you have more options in the way of the Capella 167, North Shore Atlantic.

I’m sure other suggestions will follow.

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who knew well you
Very much appreciated as I figured the 161 may have slightly more rocker and never even considered the rounded vs shallow v as I thought the shapes were the same. This is very helpful in my quest for a new boat.