Car/Canoe quesions

So I’m looking for a new car and want to make sure I can put a canoe on it (when I get my 1st canoe this spring). I’ve looked at the honda fit, toyota matrix, and the scion xd. What expirence do anybody have with these hauling a canoe around? I looked and didn’t see anyting to tie down to under the plastic bumbers. I’m assuming I would want to get a rack to haul the canoe? I will be going on trips to the BWCA (~4hrs) and on fishing trips around my house.



webbing loops

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webbing loops - they are screwed in using the fender bolts... you keep them tucked under hood when not in use, when you need them you tuck them outside of hood...

these are great for newer cars that have no tie downs...

any local paddle shop should have them or you can make them yourself....

be careful when getting a vehicle with existing roof rails - be sure they can support the weight... newer cars are getting cheaper and cheaper... for example, my 08 ford escape has plastic roof rails...

I drive a Matrix. It’s a great car. I have a thule rack on it, and use it to transport a Wenonah Vagabond. It has steel loops on the underside up front. At the rear there are some large holes that I am able to hook tie-downs into. It works very well both with my canoe and with my kayak (Tarpon 120), which I carry with a hullaport.

Regarding the Fit, I have seen rack
systems in use on the car. Hondas usually do have two tow eyes behind the bumper on the front, and a single, centered, tow eye in the rear. Our '08 Accord has the tow eyes so far back and in on the front of the car that a person might not find them on casual inspection. But I’ll bet they are there on the Fit as well as on the Accord.

Yes, get a rack. Your boat and car,
not to mention other drivers, will be safer.

Check out…
the Yakima website. It will help you build your rack for your intended vehicle and price it for you.

Thule may do the same.

Then, if you’re cheap like me, you take down the part numbers and descriptions, and hunt them down on ebay, a peice at a time.

At least you’ll get an idea of what’s available for which car.