Car Rack Assistance Needed-

So I just bought a new vehicle and it came without a factory rack- a simple question… What rack system will allow me to haul a Tsunami 125 and a 14’ canoe on the same rack??

More info please

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What is the make, model, and year of your new vehicle?

Yakima and Thule are two of my favorite rack makers. Either one could probably fit your vehicle with a rack system to haul both boats mentioned, but it will all depend on what that vehicle actually is.
contact your local dealer
430 Tracker II Foot Pack | LB78 Load Bars | TK12 Tracker Kit | other accessories as desired


Interestingly enough, Yakima and Malone web site fit guides assume that the 2007 Hummer H3 has a factory rack, only the Thule fit guide asks if there is a factory rack and then gives the proper parts list for a 2007 Hummer H3 WITHOUT a factory rack. I do know however that Yakima has several solutions for the vehicle in question. If you should decide to go with a Yakima rack and need assistance figuring out which solution is best for your needs, you'll have to contact a local dealer or Yakima directly.

2007 Hummer H3
I am wondering if I just got a standard rack but with a little extra width if I could lay them side by side.


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talk to your local kayak dealer or thule/yakima dealer ,,they have the catalog for what you can use on the Hummer. u can go with J-bars or saddles mounted to crossbars. how high is the vehicle ? someone makes a "drop-down" bar to help load tall vehicles. My personal preference has been yakima products.

Malone is good too

With a stacker or J rack you can
carry the kayak on its’ side which is the best way to do it.

WS Tsunami125 and a Pungo 120
I use a Hullaport Pro for the 125 and two of those molded grey foam blocks on Thule cross bars (Saab95 wagon or Subaru Forester)for the Pungo, or the 6.5’ bed of my F-150 extended cab for both (preferred).

simple answer

Tracker II

Tracker Foot Kit 12

65 or 78 Loadbars

easy inexpensive solution if
you are handy. I bought 2, 1.5 inch pcs. of pvc, cut to about 6 ft each, added 2 end caps to each pipe, painted them black to match my rack, installed each pipe using “U” bolts w/ rubber mounts between rack, pipe and bolts. Also drilled holes in pipe to attach bungees. Works great for me. I can carry two kayaks and my canoe. Total cost, $20 roughly.


kayak trailer
I use a kayak trailer to transport my kayaks and canoe. I got fed up with scuffing and denting my roof. If you’re interested in a trailer, I have one that I will sell. It folds up for easy storage and can hold up to six kayaks (or 4 kayaks and a canoe, or multiple canoes). A few hundred extra for a trailer compared to a rack might be well worth it for you, especially if you’re lifting boats on top of a Hummer.

Email me at if you’re interested.

I hope you don’t use
the bungies to tie down you watercrafts?

or I hope you have good insurance that will cover for the damage you canoe will cause when the bungies will inevitably let go at high speed an the thing be flying down the highway onto other cars.

Bungies? come on…

Thanks for all the advice-
I decided to go with the Thule Tracker II

Tracker Foot Kit 12 and 65. The height of the Hummer is not an issue since I am almost 6’5.

I Think You’ll Like It
The Tracker II goes on and off in LITERALLY seconds. Had a friend “Time” me once and it was about 30 seconds to put on and 15 to remove. Easy, yet sturdy. Best rack system I’ve used. WW

Simple cross bars all that’s needed
especially with that boat. Cable tie some pipe insulation around bars and place boat upside down. Strap it on. Secure any deck straps that will bang on your roof.

check this article out