Car rack

I just bought a used kayak and need to transport to the local areas. Nothing more than 50 miles. I have 2 cars with factory racks with crossbars of 21/4 to 21/2 inches and all the clamp ons I see are for smaller racks . What is out there if anything?

be more specific

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Say what cars you have, someone is likely to provide specific advice

edit - I think you are saying that crossbars are over 2 inches wide. These, I believe are aero style crossbars.

1st, you can get away without using expensive saddles and what not - regular pool noodles, mini-cell foam are sometimes enough.
If you decide to go with specialized stuff, you definitely can find carriers that go on wide crossbars.

I use Malone Autoloaders on Subaru aero crossbars
I think Thule makes kayaking accessories for wide bars as well.

Just hang on, there will be more suggestions

foam blocks
I use the Universal kayak blocks from Riverside;

I put the block on the factory crossbar, and the kayak on top of that. Use cam straps to tie it down to the crossbars. And use bow and stern lines to keep it from sliding sidways(this is very important).

I’ve done this on a Kia Sportage, and a Quset minivan.

I’ve never had a problem. (execpt for the sliding sideways thing, which is easy to remedy)

And it cost several hundred dollars less than a Thule or Yakima rack.

The downside is that it takes a little extra effort to get the boat positioned, and tied down. I can live with those.