car racks

i have a current designs nomad 18’ 10" looking for a more stable way to transport the kayak on my car …saw in a parking lot a long metal rack looks to be about 8 feet long and there is a padded metal v holder at either end which the boat would i think fit nicely in …any idea of where i can purchase such a rack …or are they custom built thanks stan

KayakPro EZ-VEE
Look in accessories in the buyers guide.

A couple of suggestions
I’ve used an EZ-Vee for 3 seasons with no problems - it’s a good system. It comes with adaptors for Thule or Yakima, but you can adapt it to a factory rack if necessary.

A couple of ideas: add foam pipe insulation to the long central strut and over the padding on the V parts so the boat never touches metal. Also, I use straps at the ends in addition to the supplied bungees.