car racks

My upper body strength is not all that great anymore, an even though my kayak is light, it is still a struggle sometimes to load it by myself. I have been putting the back seats down and loading it through the trunk, it seems to stick really far out the of the end. I would like to get a rack for the top, but do not know which is the best. Could someone give me advice. The large kayak we have, we have the rack with rollers, and that is wonderful, but for mine I have nothing right now and do not want to pay 500. for another rack.

are you trying to load… (make/weight/width that sorta thing)… one boat, or 2? What kind of vehicle?

How tall are you?

Hard to give advice without knowing.

You didn’t give enough info
Are you talking about a rack for a second vehicle/

It sounds like you already have a rack for one boat.

If your boat is going on the same vehicle you probably just need longer bars and some rollers.

Clarify what you are trying to do!



car racks
It is an otter xl, 37 pounds, I am 5 feet tall, and I would be installing this on our second vehicle. I have had some shoulder problems in the past, and I am 56. So my upper body strength is not what it use to be. I am always by myself when I am using this boat, so I have no one to help load or unload.

short boat
That’s a 9’6" boat, so it will be hard to load it by placing one end on the rack, then lifting the back end onto the rack. That’s the method that allows you to load by only ever lifting half the weight of the boat.

What kid of car are you loading it into/on? If you don’t want to buy a rack-system for that car, and you have trouble getting it on the roof besides, maybe having it sticking out the back isn’t such a bad solution for short trips.

If your car is a sedan,
you can easily load it by yourself by putting the bow on the trunk, then lifting the stern and sliding it right up the trunk and back window onto the rack. Padding the car with a bath mat or blanket, of course.